M1-PROB – Standard Remote Probe

In situations where the body of the meter is too large to allow its two probe tips to make contact with the workpiece, two remote probes may be used. The measurements are then made with each hand holding only a small remote probe. This method is also very helpful when using the meter on a test bench.

M1-LONG PROB – Long Remote Probe

A longer version of the Standard Remote Probe, the Long Probe measures 8.19” (208mm) in length, providing additional reach when the workpiece to be make contact is deep in a narrow space. This can be used in conjunction with the Standard Remote Probe or the meter nose itself.

M1-EXT – Remote Probe Extension Cable

The Remote Probe Extension cable allows you to extend the probes reach. By attaching one or multiple extension cables to reach further to take a measurement. Each cable allows 4′ (1.2m) usable extension.

M1-CHG3 – Conditioning Charger set for North America

115VAC, includes power adaptor. With optional international plugs.

M1-CHG-PA – Power adaptor only for Conditioning Charger

Handheld bonding meter for measuring low electrical resistance in the aviation and aerospace industry.


  • M1-TIPS-FLT: Round/w flat end gold/duraloy tip

  • M1-TIPS-STD: Replacement pointed gold/steel tip

  • M1-TIPS-LNG: Pointed long tip for special applications

  • M1-TIPS-NRW: Pointed long narrow tip for special applications

  • M1-TIPS-RND: Round/w round end gold/duraloy tip

M1-CASE – Waterproof Guard Case