Our products are distinguished by superior precision, stability and quality. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), BCD Electronics is able to provide prompt professional product service and customer service. We provide complete recalibration, recertification and repair services to factory standards.

All products are manufactured and serviced at our facilities in Burnaby, British Columbia Canada. One of BCD Electronics Ltd.’s competitive advantages is the use of only the highest quality components and strict quality controls both in the manufacturing process and in servicing of the instruments. To ensure that our quality aspirations have been met, we have adopted a quality management system that is in compliance with ISO 9001 international standard.

Introduction to using the M1 Milliohm Meter®

For Service/Repair/Calibration of M1 Milliohm Meter® and Accessories
When you are sending the meter, it is advisable to send the accessories as well for evaluation. Please include a description of the symptoms/problems you are experiencing for our technical department.

Helpful information for international shipments
Please be sure to include the following information on your airway bill and Commercial Invoice.
This will insure the package will not be delayed at Customs, and you may not be charged.

  • Aircraft Electronic Test Equipment
  • Serial number of the meter
  • Canadian made product, returning to original vendor for repair and return
  • Country of Origin and manufacture: Canada

Warranty information
We have limited 1 year warranty for new products. If within one year from the date of purchase, the product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, BCD Electronics Ltd. will repair it free of charge.