Rev Tach™IV

product-image2General Description
The Rev Tach optical tachometer is designed to be used for measurement of aircraft propeller rotation speeds, up to 300,000 blade passages per minute.

Rev Tach is a recognized industry standard rotation speed calibration grade optical tachometer. It utilizes powerful micro-computer resources and state of the art optical detection circuitry.

The instrument is easy to operate – just set up, aim and read – from direct sunlight to near total darkness, in front, back or angled to the propeller, in flight or on the ground.




Technical Information

  • up to 300,000 blade passages / minute
  • accurate to +/- 1 RPM. Accuracy equal to resolution specifications
  • 1 RPM to 9,999. 10 RPM to 99,999. 100 RPM from 100,000 over
  • over 30 ft. distance range
  • 1 to 10 blades per revolution
  • direct RPM readings for all scales
  • technology: Passive, narrow beam, ambient light shift detect. Totally CMOS
  • battery: 9 volt #1604, 200+ hours operation with recommended Alkaline type
  • instrument weight 8 oz
  • instrument dimensions: 3,33” W x 5.25” D x 2.05” H
  • NIST certified
  • one year warranty, parts and labour